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A word from the critics

"It happened in Abu-Gosh. Something special was in the air. The conductor, Michael Shani, lowers his baton and suddenly the church is filled with ethereal sound, sounds from another world emanating from the choir and the orchestra. The sounds are mesmerizing and caress the thick walls of the church. I am glued to my chair and the entire audience is in awe. A new, wonderful composer is born.
Take Edo Shirom, 31, whose talent just flows from every sound. Two pieces are performed: First, an elegy for strings which is deeply moving and then the piece Lux Eterna for choir and orchestra. A piece that radiates magical warmth, like a gigantic luxurious scarf. How can such magic be released without warning from a piece by a young Israeli composer?
Shirom presents a rare musical minimalism. An endless flow of amazing musical patterns. Shirom is a unique synthesis between the spiritual world of Arvo Parth and the sensual internal beauty of Kanzeli. His strength emanates from within, from inner silence and from the repeating and entrancing patterns that hypnotize us. Halleluya.
The entire concert was a song of praise to good taste. The conductor, Michael Shani, presented Mozart s Te Deum and Cherubini s Requiem with a beautiful simplicity. The Tel Aviv Chamber Choir was at its best and so was the orchestra. Shani made history.
When the audience demanded an encore, Shani dared to choose the Israeli piece instead of a well known classical part. The choir performed Shirom s Lux Eterna once more to an ecstatic audience."

(A wonderful composer is born, Hanoch Ron, Music Critic, Yediot Aharonot (Israelís most widely read daily newspaper) Appeared on May 31, 2004).
Subtitled: A model of exquisite taste: The Tel Aviv Chamber Choir in the Abu Gosh festival of choral music, with Mozart, Cherubini and Shirom.

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